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Elf Makeup – Smoky Eye Makeup Using ELF Makeup Eye Palette

Do smoky eye makeup when you need to go for an evening outing with elf makeup. This may be a party, a trip to a restaurant, club. The advantage of this type of make-up – is almost everything is quite simple, but looks very impressive with ELF Makeup

How to make a smoky eye makeup

First you need to prepare your skin for make-up around the eyes. Moisturize it only with a special cream. You can use the base under the shade from ELF Makeup.

After that, take the shade of light – gray color, and apply to all mobile upper eyelid, under the brow to mobile century, apply the shadow more light with white pearl color.

Take a soft contour pencil, and draw them to a thick line above the upper eyelashes. Thicken the line closer to the edge of the eyelid, and bring a little bit of it and up.

elf makeup

Lower eyelid move less bold line. On the upper eyelid crease apply a dark gray shadow from Okay Ok Makeup. They also blend the liner top line so that visually increases the outer edge of the eyelid. Place the point of highlighter in the inner corner of the eye. Use black ink, carefully paint over the lashes.

To do this, you can make and color using elf makeup set. It can be green, and blue, and purple. But remember that this is a very bright accent color, it should not only in harmony with the image, but also fit the type of your appearance.

In fact, makeup artists usually recommend trying the evening make-up beforehand to see how it suits you. But take into account the need that is too dark makeup reduces the eye, so the owners of a small, close-set eyes or recommended or smoky makeup color or contrast. This is one of the trends of the season – contrasts in the evening make-up with elf princess makeup, and it can be used and smoky. Just one undertakes base color and the darker shade – contrast. It turns out that same smoky makeup, but much more daring and modern.

The arrows in the make-up of eyes are used very often. As a rule, it is still an element of evening make-up, but sometimes they are found in everyday make-up. For example, the arrow drawn shadows – this is a light and airy version. However, these arrows are also very good emphasis on the eyes. This process is very simple. First of all movable upper eyelid applied base – shade light shade. Then applicator dark shadows drawn arrow just above the lashes. The line need to thicken, and to bring the edge of the century. A little secret is that if you want to get a deeper color, need a little wet applicator. It looks make-up is very impressive, but not contrast. Therefore it suits customers who do not have very large eyes.

How To Properly Apply Makeup With ELF Makeup

Every day, almost all painted, but many do not know in this case, how to apply makeup. Very often women neglect moisture, do not put a base under make-up. Of course, you can choose a concealer with moisturizing effect.

But the important thing to remember is, you have the whole day where you will expose the skin to external factors. Therefore, if you want to maintain skin health for a long time, and look for the day fresh and young, moisture can not be neglected.

You can use ELF Makeup kits to all these stuffs with which you will look stunning and you will have a dewy glow face.

Next you need to hide minor defects and disadvantages in using equalizer. If pimples or redness are not very bright, concealer, you can select a color. If the problem areas can be seen very much need to use a color corrector, green or yellow.

Then you can apply the tone. If you do daily make-up, use the fluid, it has a light texture, and even skin tone simply, without masking imperfections. If the make-up evening, it is better to use creams.

After a look at the eyebrows. Paint them with either shadow or pencil. Comb eyebrows special brush to emphasize the shape.

Thereafter, the shadow applied. When the daily make-up rather light tone, applied on the upper eyelid. If you want to emphasize the eyes, apply on the skin under the eyebrow white shadow or highlighter on the upper eyelid – light color, and a darker shade of emphasis.

The circuit can be applied to a pencil, felt-tip pen, liquid eyeliner. It all depends on the effect you want to achieve. In everyday make-up is not recommended to use black ink, but for the evening, it fits perfectly.

Nakraste lip gloss in the afternoon, and the contour and lipstick – in the evening. Do not forget to bring along a can of thermal water to moisten the face during the day. The final stage make-up – the application of blush and powder.

After you read the basic rules of how to make the right makeup, you need to practice. After all, no matter how much theory you have learned, the best part of the make-up – is the process of application and the joy of the outcome. Make sure that Practice all these ideas with ELF makeup.