Best Eye Makeup Ideas With Elf Makeup Kit

As a woman, it is important for me to look beautiful, especially when I go out and mingle with my friends and loved in every special occasion.

Whenever they see me, they would appreciate my blue colored eyes. Well, thanks to the wonders of eye makeup for blue eyes from ELF Makeup store since I would certainly look beautiful.

Take note, there are so many different types of eye makeup for blue eyes. It’s just looking for the right color and the right type of makeup kit.

A lot of people, especially my friends would recommend various brands and colors which I can use and they would even give makeup kits for me especially during my birthdays.


The general rule of thumb is to avoid using an eyeshadow color which is the same as your actual eye color, but for you lucky brown eyed folks, this rule can be broken. Although the amount of colors which go well with brown eyes is large, it is a good idea to stick to the more vibrant colors such as green and gold. Doing so will add a shine and a dazzle to your eyes, making them pop more than the boring, dark colors. Other vivid colors such as blue, purple and bronze also work well with brown eyes, but depending on your skin tone and hair color, not all will suit you. Let’s take a look at the colors in more detail and you can determine whether or not the shade is the right one for you!

Well, to tell you the truth, I’m a makeup artist myself and I do know what kind of makeup colors which I would use for my blue eyes. Of course I would use different shades of blue to enhance the color of my eyes. However, I also use contrast colors such as silver, brown and other dark colors to further accentuate my blue eyes.

Now, when it comes to the brand, I would use the Elf Makeup Carry-All Trunk Professional Makeup Kit. Everything is there when it comes to making my face and eyes look beautiful.

The excellent thing about this makeup kit is you can find different kinds of colors of eye makeup for blue eyes. I can simply combine different shades which would make me look good and of course, I also use the makeup kit at work, especially for clients who would also want to make them beautiful.

The best deal about the Elf Makeup carry all makeup kit is that it’s quite cheap. I’ve ordered it online and I spent less than $50 in my pocket! So if you are a makeup aficionado then try this brand of makeup product now and I would highly recommend it.